• Black White Geobag Sandbag 150-800gsm

Black White Geobag Sandbag 150-800gsm

Anti ultraviolet (UV),Nontoxic,non-combustion,
acid and alkali resistant,No extending on split,
environment-friendly,easy to plant growth,
Resistant tobio degradation and animal damage
Good temperature adaptability


1.Product Parameters
Product Name geobag/Geotextile Bag
Material 100% Polypropylene/Polyester
Width 40CM*80CM or cutomized
GSM 110gsm~800gsm
Construction method Slope greening, repairing mines, inland river improvement,etc
Hand feel Soft,firm
Features Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, non-toxic, non-combustion
Advantage 1. Resistant to moisture
2. Chemical resistance
3. Anti-biodegradation and animal destruction
4. High temperature resistance
5. UV resistance
Application 1. Both rivers
2. mine regreen
3. Treatment of landslides, gutters, soil erosion, irrigation systems
4. Constructed wetland repair
5. Green roof
Product description Double-sided acupuncture non-woven bag made of PP or PET as raw material, strictly screening according to thickness, quality,
physical and mechanical properties, appearance, force mode, direction, and water permeability to achieve zero pollution


2.Product Description

Geotextile bags that component is PP or PET needle punched non woven fabric.

It is a greener environmental protection solutions used for erosion control, embankment or slope protection and shoreline stabilization, stormwater management, and the creation of rain gardens and other functional green spaces.A lot of geotextile bags build into a huge vegetated walls.Then the walls are planted with the native plants, soli and seeds.Within weeks,the plants grow through the bags and develop extensive root systems that lock into the native soil and form an ecological sound vegetated erosion control system with permanent structural strength.

3.Detailed Photos


4.Product Application
1) Water transportation engineering:
       Lake wetland ecological riverbank, engineering, coastal engineering, highway subgrade slope
2) Municipal garden engineering:
       Mountain green, mountain slope excavation and retaining wall engineering, ecological riverbank,
       city center park lake,golf course
3) Real estate landscape engineering
      Artificial landscape river, residential slope, the roof greening
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