Anhui Zhonglu Drainage Boards

Anhui Zhonglu is an esteemed manufacturer of geosynthetic products. Our drainage boards are hailed for their innovative techniques and modern structures. Due to the superb quality, our products have garnered a sizeable market share. Our products are easily findable on the internet and available worldwide. 

Outstanding Features

Some of the remarkable attributes of our drainage boards are;

Convenient In Use

Our drainage boards are made up of PVC high-density polymer material that is sturdy and do not get damaged so easily. These drainage boards are very light in weight, can be handled comfortably, and are easy to install without requiring special equipment or expert labor.

Remarkable Drainage Efficiency

Our drainage boards are unbeatable in performance; equipped with a modern mechanism, they achieve the desired target by utilizing capillary and siphon pressure. They are specially designed with an arch bridge-type structure that tremendously distributes soil stress and confirms efficient performance. They don’t require any joints for smooth working.

Zero Clogging 

Our quality drainage board works smartly and ensures no clogging by simply using the natural gravity force to generate the effect of soil-water separation. They have a built-in self-cleaning mechanism which works fine in the absence of a grading filter layer. Their lower and upper drainage openings facilitate fast drainage for water on the structure that doesn’t need to be retained. Their flexible structure allows them to fit in properly with the terrain, forming infinitely long, non-flattening highways.

Resilient to Weather and Chemicals

Our drainage boards have good durability and are resistant to harsh weather, so they are good for long-lasting utilization jus like our geotextile. They are corrosion-proof; acid, alkali, and salt in the natural and general industrial environments cannot cause corrosion and damage to them. They are strong enough and do not rupture by plant roots thus are suitable for long-term use.

Anhui Zhonglu Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.

Anhui Zhonglu Engineering Materials Co., Ltd is a trusted name for drainage board manufacturing, and our products are recommended worldwide due to modern technology and wide range. Source your bulk orders from us at wholesale prices with swift delivery