• Building Material 8m Width 2.0mm Smooth Textured HDPE Geocell
  • Building Material 8m Width 2.0mm Smooth Textured HDPE Geocell
  • Building Material 8m Width 2.0mm Smooth Textured HDPE Geocell
  • Building Material 8m Width 2.0mm Smooth Textured HDPE Geocell

Building Material 8m Width 2.0mm Smooth Textured HDPE Geocell


1, with flexible, transport can be folded, construction can be stretched into a network, filled with soil, gravel, concrete and other loose materials, constitute a strong lateral limit and stiffness of the structure.

2, light material, wear resistance, chemical stability, light and oxygen resistance aging, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert and other soil conditions.
3, higher lateral restrictions and anti-slip, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of the roadbed and dispersed load.
4, Different engineering needs can be met by changing the height and welding distance of geotechnical chamber.
5, flexible, small transport volume; The connection is convenient and the construction speed is fast.


Product Description

HDPE Geocell

 Geocell is three dimensional, honeycomb like structures manufactured from high density polyethylene and jointly welded by ultrasonic technique. It is flexible to fold during the transport and installation on construction site. The geocell nets will be filled with soils, granular, cements or other on-site infill materials when stretched into web structures, which has powerful and rigid confinement in the lateral and vertical sides.

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 (1).Cell depth: 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm 
 (2). Welding space: 330mm~1600mm 
 (3). Thickness: 

      a,1.0mm~1.2mm for smooth geocell
      b, 1.5mm~1.7mm for textured geocell
 (4). Textured and smooth geocell


1) Light material, resistant to wear, stable in chemical properties, anti-aging, resistant to acids and alkalis, applicable to different soil and desert and other geological conditions.
2)High limit on lateral direction, anti-skidding, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the supporting ability and scattered load function of roadbed.
3)High carrying capacity and good dynamic performance and high erosion ability
4)The geometry size can be changed to meet different needs of the project, such as height and welding distance. 5)Retractable and small loading volume, convenient joint, speed construction.
6)Local material can be used during construction, reduce the construction cost, easy to be transported after folding together.

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4.Technical Parameters:


Material Properties Unit   Test Method
Cell Depth mm 75 100 150 200  
Welding Distance mm 330, 400, 440, 500, 600, 660, 800, 1000  
Polymer Density g/cm3 0.935-0.965 ASTM D 1505
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Hours >400 ASTM D 5397
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Hours 6000 ASTM D 1693
Carbon Black Content % 1.5% - 2.0%       ASTM D 1603
Nominal Sheet Thickness Before Texturing mm 1.27 -5%,+10% ASTM D 5199
Nominal Sheet Thickness After Texturing mm 1.52-5%,+10% ASTM D 5199
Strip Puncture Resistance N 450 ASTM D 4833
Seam Peel Strength N 1065 1420 2130 2840 EN ISO13426-1B
Seam Efficiency % 100 GRI-GS13
Nominal Expanded Cell Size (width x length) mm 320x287,475x508 etc  
Nominal Expanded Panel Size (width x length) m 2.56x8.35, 4.5x5.0, 6.5x4.5, 6.1x2.44  


6. Applications:
1. Used for all kinds of road building, driveways, soil stabilization and embankment stabilization
2. Used to stabilize river embankments.
3. Used to prevent landslides. 
4. Using Geocell construction can greatly reduce labor intensity and reduce the thickness of the roadbed, construction speed, good performance and greatly reduce the project cost.

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