• China factory price nonwoven geotextile geobag for embankment protection
  • China factory price nonwoven geotextile geobag for embankment protection
  • China factory price nonwoven geotextile geobag for embankment protection
  • China factory price nonwoven geotextile geobag for embankment protection

China Factory Price Nonwoven Geotextile Geobag For Embankment Protection

Excellent armor for erosion protection. Ideal for revetments and other hydraulic structures
Versatile and highly robust engineered prefabricated to required sizes
Three-dimensional fabric enhances soil entrapment and vegetation growth
Reduces carbon footprint
Cost effective and easy to install
Geobags are available in biege and green options


1.Product information:
Geotextile bag is a kind of ecological synthetic material with high UV resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. geotextile applications were initiated in the area of coastal and hydraulic engineering. Other applications for geosynthetics in civil engineering grew from these beginings. In recent years, geobag technology has experienced an increasing growth, leading to successful projects.Nowadays, geobag find their application as contruction elements for erosion control, bottom scour protection and scour fill, artificial reefs, groynes, dams, seawalls, reverments and dune reinforcemnet.
Encapsulating or wrapping sand into geotextile units provides a variety of flexible, economical and ecological coastal applications. Especially at sandy beaches, the use of rocks, steel and concrete as "hard coastal structures" should be avoided where possible.Geobag made of needle-punched nonwovens offer more advantages as 'soft rock structures'.as flexible construction elements geobag behave advantageously with respect to cyclical hydrodynamic loads and morphological seabed changes.

Woven Geotextile Geotube Geobag

  Anti ultraviolet (UV),Nontoxic,non-combustion,
  acid and alkali resistant,No extending on split,
  environment-friendly,easy to plant growth,
  Resistant tobio degradation and animal damage
  Good temperature adaptability
  Geotextile bag has the anti-humidity property, does not absorb water, the water will not destroy the bag,
  the bag will not deform, is not soluble in the pollution liquid, is a good tool to protect the ecology.

Woven Geotextile Geotube Geobag
1)  Water transportation engineering:
    Lake wetland ecological riverbank, engineering, coastal engineering, highway subgrade slope
2)  Municipal garden engineering:
    Mountain green, mountain slope excavation and retaining wall engineering, ecological riverbank,
    city center     park lake, golf course
3)  Real estate landscape engineering:
     Artificial landscape river, residential slope, the roof greening

Woven Geotextile Geotube GeobagWoven Geotextile Geotube GeobagWoven Geotextile Geotube Geobag

4.Advantages of Geotextile bag:
In slope engineering, this new material can completely replace stone, cement and other materials and greatly reduce engineering cost.The slope after construction has a surface covered by vegetation, which makes the excavation slope reach the effect of afforestation and forms the natural ecological slope.The slope formed in this way has high water permeability, and has strong protection and stabilization effect on soil loss, local mud (soil) flow, slope collapse, etc., and can become a permanent natural slope with high stability.

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