• EVA honeycomb waterproof board
  • EVA honeycomb waterproof board

EVA Honeycomb Waterproof Board

EVA honeycomb waterproof board is a waterproof barrier material made of the high molecular polymer as the basic raw material. One side is a honeycomb convex shell, which is divided into 6mm or 8mm according to the height of the convex shell. EVA honeycomb waterproof board integrates waterproofing and drainage, and successfully solves the relationship between waterproofing and drainage, which can not only prevent liquid leakage but also prevent gas volatilization.


Product Features

1. The product has stable physical properties, good aging resistance, and weather resistance, and can achieve the same life as the structure.
2. It is resistant to chemical corrosion and plant root puncture. Chemical elements such as acid, alkali, and salt in the natural environment and general industrial environment cannot cause corrosion and damage to it, and any plant root system in the natural ecology cannot puncture this product.
3. The sheet material used in the product is the best material. The uniform conical convex part on the surface is a unique innovation, and the surface layer can be ventilated and drained. During the construction, the lap joint naturally forms a waterproof layer, and the round convex particles are hollow, which reduces the self-weight of the product and facilitates installation and construction.
4. When the construction shotcrete is fixed, the cement shotcrete is injected into the concave holes on the back of the isolation board, and the combination with the concrete is more firm and dense. Scope of application: It is suitable for the prevention and drainage of tunnels, subways, landscaping, and underground foundation projects, especially for butt joints and lithosphere joints with serious leakage or large seepage area.