• Geocell driveway for road and slope protection
  • Geocell driveway for road and slope protection
  • Geocell driveway for road and slope protection
  • Geocell driveway for road and slope protection

Geocell Driveway For Road And Slope Protection

1. Geocell can be used for all kinds of road building, driveways, soil stabilization and embankment stabilization
2. Used to stabilize river embankments.
3. Used to prevent landslides.
4. Using Geocell construction can greatly reduce labor intensity and reduce the thickness of the roadbed, construction speed, good performance and greatly reduce the project cost


High quality HDPE geocell is a kind of using high density polyethylene (HDPE) and ultrasonic technology joint welded together 3d mesh structure, ensure the consistency of slope erosion resistance, more durable performance, flexible packaging and transportation has a wide range of cell size and depth, to meet your projects and civil engineering application requirements. For any need, you can contact us, Summer+8618056028960 



Textured Perforated Geocell


Smooth Surface Geocell


Textured Perforated Geocell

Product Type Height (mm) Welding Distance (mm) Thickness(mm) Tensile Strength of Welding Points (N/cm) Tensile Strength of Connection of Cells (N/cm ) Tensile Strength at Yield of Each Sheet (MPa)
Smooth and Not Perforated 50≤H≤300 300≤A≤1000 1.0 —1.5 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
Smooth and Perforated 50≤H≤300 300≤A≤1000 1.0 —1.5 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
Textured and Not Perforated 50≤H≤300 300≤A≤1000 1.3 —1.5 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
Textured and Perforated 50≤H≤300 300≤A≤1000 1.3 —1.5 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
1. This is a basic technical specification.
2. All of the technical indexes can be reached according to the customers’demand, and the other special standards will be carried out by agreement or contact.


It is mainly used in foundation reinforcement, soft foundation treatment, steep slope protection, landslide prevention and hybrid
retaining wall subject to load and weight; especially suitable for weathered mountain forests, deserts and swamps.
1.Load support: Solve unacceptable road, parking and yard surface problems.2.Slope protection: Create a stable environment for long-term sustainability of embankment material.
3.Channel protection: Ensure stability and protection of channels exposed to all types of erosive conditions.
4.Vegetated retaining walls: including steepened slopes, retaining walls, gravity walls and so on.
5.Shorelines: Provide unique solutions to prevent erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and wave action.