• Good Permeability Needle Punched Geotextile for Large Project

Good Permeability Needle Punched Geotextile For Large Project

Good flexibility,

Good water permeability,

Excellent performance of filtration,



PP staple needled punched nonwoven geotextile is produced with PP staple fiber as the main raw material. It has the functions of isolation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection and maintenance.
O Product specification
80g~1200g; 1 ~6m in width, and the length is according to the customer's demand.
 Product features
It has good flexibility, good water permeability, excellent performance of filtration, drainage, isolation and enhancement, and is convenient for construction.

Weight 100-1200g or As your request
Width Within 1-6m as your request
Length 50-400m or As your request
Material PET
Color Black, White, Green, Gray or as your request
Type Nonwoven;Short or Long Fiber
Package Double layers white woven geotextile; or As your request
Shipping Marks As your request or Neutral Packing 
Production Standards ASTM, GB, or As your request

Application scope

(1). Water conservancy project and hydropower project.
(2). Road paving , railway.
(3). Airport and port.
(4). River bank protection and tunnel.
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