• Green/Blue/Black HDPE Geomembrane for Landfill Anti-Seepage Engineering Material, Landfill Liner, Landfill Seal, Manufacturer
  • Green/Blue/Black HDPE Geomembrane for Landfill Anti-Seepage Engineering Material, Landfill Liner, Landfill Seal, Manufacturer
  • Green/Blue/Black HDPE Geomembrane for Landfill Anti-Seepage Engineering Material, Landfill Liner, Landfill Seal, Manufacturer
  • Green/Blue/Black HDPE Geomembrane for Landfill Anti-Seepage Engineering Material, Landfill Liner, Landfill Seal, Manufacturer

Green/Blue/Black HDPE Geomembrane For Landfill Anti-Seepage Engineering Material, Landfill Liner, Landfill Seal, Manufacturer

1. Good flexibility 
2. For service temperature range:-70°C~110°C 
3. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance 
4. Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property 
5. High tensile strength and elongation


Product Description

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Basic Details:
 Geomembrane; pond liner
1.Main Thickness:0.2mm,0.3mm,0.5mm, 0.75mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,3.0mm,4.0mm,5.0mm
2.Main Width:4m, 5m, 5.8m, 6.0m, 7m, 8m,10m
3.Main Length:50m/100m/150m/200m
4.Main Color: black, white, blue, green
5. Optional surface: Textured or Smooth surface.
7. Certificate & Test: ISO, TRI, SGS
8. Quality Control: Third party test and factory lab test

    HDPE geomembrane and pond liner is produced from high density polyethylene resin by film-blowing process, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component. Now it is the most widely used products for solid waste containment (such as landfill liners), mining and water containment applications.

Main Features: 
1.UV resistance
2. Anti-seepage; 
3. Isolation
4. High tearing resistance
5. Puncture-resisting

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HDPE Geomembrane pond liner Technical Parameter 

ASTM Standard geomembrane

Test method
GMS0.5 GMS0.75 GMS1.0 GMS1.25 GMS1.5 GMS2.0 GMS2.5
Thickness D5199 0.5mm 0.75mm 1.00mm 1.25mm 1.50mm 2.00mm 2.50mm
Density (≥  g/cc) D1505 0.940 0.940 0.940 0.940 0.940 0.940 0.940
Tensile Properties
(Each direction) (≥)
•   yield strength
•   break strength
•   yield elongation
•   break elongation
D 6693
Type IV

8 kN/m

11 kN/m

15 kN/m
27 kN/m

18 kN/m
33 kN/m

22 kN/m
40 kN/m

29 kN/m
53 kN/m

Tear Resistance (≥) D 1004 64 N 93 N 125 N 156 N 187 N 249 N 311 N
Puncture Resistance (≥) D 4833 160 N 240 N 320 N 400 N 480 N 640 N 800 N
Stress Crack Resistance (≥) D 5397 500 hr. 500 hr. 500 hr. 500 hr. 500 hr. 500 hr. 500 hr.
Carbon Black Content D 1603 2.0-3.0% 2.0-3.0% 2.0-3.0% 2.0-3.0% 2.0-3.0% 2.0-3.0% 2.0-3.0%
Carbon Black Dispersion D 5596 Note(1) Note(1) Note(1) Note(1) Note(1) Note(1) Note(1)
Oxidative Induction Time (OIT) (≥)
(a)Standard OIT
- or -
(b)High Pressure OIT

D 3895

D 5885

100 min.

400 min.

100 min.

400 min.

100 min.

400 min.

100 min.

400 min.

100 min.

400 min.

100 min.

400 min.

100 min.

400 min.

 Geomembrane production

 HDPE geomembrane is made by 100% virgin materials

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geomembrane adopted the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer pressing technology. All geomembrane quality is meeting with GB, GRI and ASTM test standard.

Packing and Shipping
PP woven geotextile bags or PE film. Or according to customers requirements.

zhonglu can add the necessary documentation or modify the packaging for countries and territories with special product certification requirements.

HDPE Geomembrane Application:

        Using the geomembrane anti-seepage feature; geomembrane liners can be used as fish ponds, shrimp pond, tank liner and others.

        HDPE geomembrane is the most widely used in landfill anti-seepage engineering material. The use of main parts of the bottom of the landfill liner, landfill sealing cover, leachate regulating pool liner, etc.

(3)Water Treatment System :
        HDPE geomembrane is applied to the adjustment of the power plant and sewage treatment plants pool;and a series of water treatment systems.
          HDPE geomembrane suitable mining: washing pool, pool heap leaching, heap yard, dissolving tank, tank, storage area, the bottom line of the tailings seepage control, etc 

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Good quality and good services:
A. OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcome 

B. All of our products have proceeded testing before shipment and we guaranteed the good quality.
(2) Quality Control:

zhonglu have established a national-standard laboratory for in-house quality control and built a strict quality control system in all aspects from raw materials testing and production processes to final product quality testing.

      Not only is stringent internal quality control carried out at zhonglu, but regular testing and analyzing of our product performance is implemented by authoritative testing organizations in Europe and the United States.

Experience in foreign trade:

 We have more than ten years of export experience. We can provide you with one-stop service from inquiry to receipt and construction.
The following is the certificate of origin issued by China Customs, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Chamber of Commerce , which means the reduction of import tax.


Upon request by the customer,zhonglu can also offer a full turnkey installation service,covering the materials manufactured by zhonglu ,any other geosynthetics products,installation and all additional materials required to fully complete the project.
We can supply supervisors and installers,with or without welding equipment,such as machines and tools,to manage a group of local staff supplied by the customer.We can also provide training courses to staff provided by the customer.

·  Do not pull or harden the geomembrane during installationEnsure there are no sharp objects, roots or rocks on the base or side walls.  Use a spade to clean up and get it as smooth as possible.80mil HDPE Liner 2mm High Strength
·  Do not pull too tight, should leave a 1.50% margin for partial sinking and stretching. The slope is laid from top to bottom;
·  The longitudinal joints of two adjacent frames shall not be on a horizontal line and shall be staggered by more than 1 m;
·  The longitudinal joint should be 1.50m or more from the dam foot and the bent foot, and should be set on the plane;
·  When laying the slope, the direction of the film should be basically parallel to the maximum slope line.

HDPE membrane construction scheme:

 1. Geomembrane construction technology
Laying, cutting → aligning, aligning → laminating and shaping → wiping dust → welding test → welding → testing → repairing → re-inspection → acceptance
2. Technical points
(1) Minimize the amount of splicing when laying, so as to achieve a satisfactory anti-seepage effect under unfavorable conditions.
(2) When laying geomembrane, it should start from the lowest position and extend to the high position. Don't pull too tight, and leave enough margin (about 1.5%) to prepare for local sinking and stretching.
(3) When laying the slope, according to the actual situation of the project, it can be determined to be laid parallel or perpendicular to the maximum slope line based on the principle of least joints, easy construction, and reasonable cutting. Seams should be avoided
Open corners, set at the plane. Where the slope is relatively large, a soft ladder is set up, and the construction personnel carry out the welding joint construction of the geomembrane on the soft ladder.
(4) During the laying process, welds, especially cross welds, should be minimized to reduce leakage hazards. During the film unfolding process, it is forbidden to pull the geomembrane forcefully, and it is not allowed to press out the dead fold. When the weld is welded, the floating soil on it must be wiped clean, otherwise the upper and lower membranes cannot be heat-sealed together. To connect with the building foundation, the geomembrane must be flattened and not folded, so as to provide good operating conditions for edge sealing.
(5) According to the design direction of film laying, use a heat welding machine to weld. Before the formal welding, test welding is carried out first, and then large-area welding construction is carried out. When welding, prevent the welding machine from being blocked and leaking the geomembrane and affecting the welding speed and quality.
(6) The lap width should meet the design requirements, and the double-pass welding seam method is adopted to provide multiple protections, and the welding effect can be tested by inflating between the welding layers. After welding, the welding quality of the weld should be checked in time.
(7) When T-shaped seams and double T-shaped seams appear, the base material is used to fill the scar, and the corners of the scar are rounded. The seam of the geomembrane is the key to construction quality control, and it should be strictly monitored during welding. The expansion or contraction of the geomembrane affected by the temperature will cause difficulties in splicing. Adjust the temperature and speed to prevent the seam from bending, overlapping, weak welding or ironing through the seam.


zhonglu  provides a 10-year guarantee on all manufactured geomembranes.Based on our experience,the useful life of zhonglu 's high-performance products under almost any normal conditions of service can be measured in decades and is probably over 100 years.


1.Are you manufacturer or trade company?
We are a professional geosynthetic products manufacture, we will provide you with top-class service.

2. What's the order process?
a.Inquiry--- The more detailed information you provide, the more accurate product we could provide you.
b. Quotation---Resonable quotation with clear specifications.
c. Sample confirmation---Sample could be sent before the final ordering.
d. T/T 30% in advanced, and the balance could be paid before shipment.
e. Production---Mass production.
f. Shipping--- By sea, air or courier. Detailed picture of package could be provided.
3. How long is your delivery time?
 Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 5-7 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

4. How does your factory do regarding quality control?  
"Quality is priority." We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the beginning to the end.

What's the payment method you accept?

 T/T, L/C,D/P etc.


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