• HDPE Geocell gravel stabilizers Plastic honeycomb Geocells for Retaining Wall reinforcement slope protection driveway geocell
  • HDPE Geocell gravel stabilizers Plastic honeycomb Geocells for Retaining Wall reinforcement slope protection driveway geocell

HDPE Geocell Gravel Stabilizers Plastic Honeycomb Geocells For Retaining Wall Reinforcement Slope Protection Driveway Geocell

1. Light weight, wear-resistant, chemical stability, light oxidation aging, anti-acid/alkali corrosion, applied to different geological conditions, such as saline soil, desert, etc.
2. Wide temperature range, high tensile strength, good rigidity and toughness, good load capacity and anti-erosion ability.
3. Size is relatively stable, change the height and welding distance can meet the needs of different projects


Textured and Perforated HDPE Plastic Geocell Geoweb System Manufacturer Price Gravel Grid Geocell for Road Construction

Geocell is a flexible three dimensional honeycomb like structures made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) strips, which are ultrasonically bonded together to form an extremely strong configuration. It can be filled with wide ranges of material: aggregate, sand, soil, concrete, etc.

Geocell is used for base stabilization, but also for erosion control of slopes and channels as well as in construction of retaining walls.www.zlgeo.com


Technical Parameters:


Material Properties Unit         Test Method
Cell Depth mm 75 100 150 200  
Polymer Density g/cm3 0.935-0.965 ASTM D 1505
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Hours >400 ASTM D 5397
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Hours 6000 ASTM D 1693
Carbon Black Content % 1.5% - 2.0%       ASTM D 1603
Nominal Sheet Thickness Before Texturing mm 1.27 -5%,+10% ASTM D 5199
Nominal Sheet Thickness After Texturing mm 1.52-5%,+10% ASTM D 5199
Strip Puncture Resistance N 450 ASTM D 4833
Seam Peel Strength N 1065 1420 2130 2840 EN ISO13426-1B
Seam Efficiency % 100 GRI-GS13
Nominal Expanded Cell Size (width x length) mm 320x287,475x508 etc  
Nominal Expanded Panel Size (width x length) m 2.56x8.35, 4.5x5.0, 6.5x4.5, 6.1x2.44  



Load SupportGeocell is a confinement system that performs better than conventional crushed stone sections, and it provides an expedient construction technique for access roads over soft ground without being adversely affected by wet weather conditions. It can also be used to strengthen paved areas.


Retaining Wall

GeoCell can be used for both cut and fill applications on retaining walls. The flexible HDPE panels are custom made to the front to back dimensions required by the project engineer. GeoCell can be easily installed around curves, pipes or other structures. The panels are constructed with the front facing strip colored green or tan to blend in with the surroundings. GeoCell panels can be stacked to create a 90 degree wall, or they can be stair stepped at every layer to create exposed cell for vegetation. GeoCell is the perfect green wall solution.




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