• Hot Sale White 80-1000gsm Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile  Continuous Filament Geotextiles
  • Hot Sale White 80-1000gsm Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile  Continuous Filament Geotextiles
  • Hot Sale White 80-1000gsm Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile  Continuous Filament Geotextiles
  • Hot Sale White 80-1000gsm Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile  Continuous Filament Geotextiles

Hot Sale White 80-1000gsm Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile Continuous Filament Geotextiles

Product Features

1. UV resistant.
2. High temperature resistance to up to 230ºC maintaining structure stability and original physical properties.
3. High flat drainage and vertical permeability.
4. High creep resistance.
5. Resistance of erosion of chemicals in soil as well as thecorrosion of gasoline and diesel etc.
6. High elongation under certain stress, thus able to adapt to uneven and irregular bases.


Polypropylene Filament Geotextile  Introduction
(1) polypropylene density is small, only 0.91 g / m3 (polyester is 1.38 g / m3), so the polypropylene geotextile than polyester geotextile, under the same strength, with a greater coverage area.
(2) the special structure of polypropylene to make it has excellent acid and alkali resistance, especially alkali resistance is better than polyester, in the soil alkaline strong underground protection, strengthening, waterproof, anti-seepage and other projects When the effect is better than polyester.
(3) polypropylene Geotextile Fabrics surface friction coefficient is small, the friction between the fibers is small, and good wear resistance, anti-vibration friction performance is much better than polyester.
(4) Polypropylene has a good hydrophobic, non-absorbent, in the water supply and drainage project is better than polyester.
(5) Polypropylene fiber acupuncture geotextile than the same weight of polyester acupuncture geotextile strong, and vertical and horizontal strong equal.
(6) I produced the polypropylene geotextile, can achieve different denier polypropylene nonwoven fabric compound, the filter effect is better.

Product Name
 Polypropylene filament Geotextile 
Width: 1M -  6.5M                     Length: as request)
 White, Grey , Blacketc
1000sqm per thickness
 ISO 9001
In PP woven bag or as request
Free samples available
Delivery Time
about 7 days after received the 30% deposit
Delivery Terms
Ocean Shipping
Payment Terms
TT 30% as deposit, 70% balance payment at sight of BL copy or LC at sight


Polypropylene Filament Geotextile Advantages

The worlds s first 6.5-meter-wide products, reducing splicing, enabling the convenient construction and saving construction costs;

The process equipment adopts a complete set of automatic equipment and the world's leading manufacturer in the textile industry;

The single fiber of the product is within 5.5-13dtex, and the number of the filaments comparing to other same \gram weight product is more, which means their mechanical properties are stronger;

The product surface is free of floating wireand no layered for high weight. There never appears the layer splicing due to wind, rain, snow, steep slope and other factors on the site of construction, ensuring the project quality and construction safety.


1. Isolation

The use of geotextile different physical properties (particle size, distribution, density and thickness, etc.) materials (such as soil and sand and gravel soil, soil and concrete, etc.) for isolation. So that two or more materials are not loss of inter-and non hybrid,to maintain the overall structure of the material and functions of the structures is to strengthen the load bearing capacity.

2 .Filter

When the water from fine materials into the soil layers of rough material, the use of acupuncture geogextile good air and water permeability, so that the water flow through, and effective interception soil particles, spinning, the small stone so as to maintain the stability of the soil and water projects.

3 Drainage

Acupuncture geotextile is a good hydraulic material, which can from a soil internal drainage channel, soil structure and excess liquid gasemissions.

4 Reinforced

Acupuncture use of geotextile to enhance soil and the tensile strength of the antideformation ability to increase the stability of the building structure in order to improve the quality of the soil.

5 Protection

Will focus on effective stress-proliferation, transfer or broken down by external force to prevent the soil and damage.

6. Closed

Acupuncture geotextile and other materials (primarily asphalt or plastic film) with the formation of impermeable layer of insulation layer. (Mainly used for road resurfacing and repairing, etc.)



High Quality 100g 200g 300g Polypropylene PP Filament Continuous Non Woven Geotextiles for Road Construction


Sliding layer of high-speed rail, double block ballast-free track isolation layer, sound insulation, vibration reduction, noise reduction and friction resistance;
. Airport runway, apron crack proof and isolation;
. The roadbed of expressway and highway strengthened and crack proof of the road;
.Isolation and reinforce for the port and wharf;
. Isolation and filtration for Sponge City and underground pipelines;
Isolation, filtration and anti-seepage for sewage treatment plant, landfill plant, pollutant storage tank, environmental protection and water structure;
. Reinforce, isolation, filtration and safeguard for the foundation of petroleum and chemistry warehouse;
. Reinforce, isolation, filtration and safeguard for farmland irrigation and water conservancy, watercourse, reservoir and channel, and for the project of farmland reclamation from the sea;
. Isolation for coal fly ash yard;
. Isolation, reinforcement and filtration for mine TIPS and heap leaching;
. Ecological slope protection and greening maintenance.

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