• Mine geogrid
  • Mine geogrid

Mine Geogrid

The mining geogrid is a square grid with an overall structure formed by a biaxial stretching method after being treated with several high molecular polymers such as modified polypropylene, after being treated with flame retardant and antistatic technology.


Product Features

1. High strength: high strength, corrosion resistance, can effectively replace metal mesh;
2, low weight: can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, easy installation and use;
3, safety: antistatic, flame retardant, can effectively prevent the occurrence of an electric spark.

Scope of application

1. It is suitable for reinforcement of mines and tunnels, false roof support for underground working faces of coal mines, and roadway support.
2. It is suitable for the support of the subway, tunnel, and other projects.
3. Applicable culvert enhancement.