• Plastic Grass Pavers Grid Grass Paver for parking

Plastic Grass Pavers Grid Grass Paver For Parking

1.Reduce ground reflection, reduce ground heat radiation
2.Reduce the ground acoustic wave transmission, reduce noise pollution.
3.Reduce dust and purify the air
4.Natural leakage of rainwater, soil does not lose, no water phenomenon
5.Free combination and disassembly, reusable
6.Easy to install.


  1. Product Description


Grass grid is made of high strength HDPE, it can be stretched out and folded easily.
soil, stone or concrete can be filled into it, which will become a structure body with big side restriction
and high strength. It can be used as a cushion to deal with weak foundation increasing the load capacity,
and can also be laid on the slope to be protecting structure.
High Quality Grass Protection Lattice is made from HDPE (high-molecular polyethylene) with fiber and age resistor, using high pressure to inject plastic to form bee nest-like shaped shell, with stereo space and support level.


2.Product Feature

1) Complete greening: Grass paver grid provides more than 95% of the area of grass planting, realizes complete greening, can absorb sound and dust, and significantly improves the environmental quality.

2) Saving Investment:  Grass paver grid to combine parking and greening functions.

3) Flatness and integrity: Grass paver grid adopts flat insertion lapping, which makes the whole paving surface connected into a flat whole, and the construction is extremely convenient.

4) High strength and long life: the highest compressive capacity can reach 200 tons per square meter, stable performance, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali corrosion, anti-wear and pressure, weather resistance - 40 C - 90 C.

5)Protecting lawn: Gravel bearing layer provides good drainage function and certain water storage function, which is conducive to lawn growth.


3.Product Parameter




●Grass Parking lots
●Emergency and firelane accessroads
●Golf cart paths,driveway
●Racetrack infield and pit areas
●Drainage channels
●Street shoulder parking
●Roof greening
●Vehicle overflow parking lots for commercial
●Handicap access routes
●Developments,plant,community homes, sports complex and more


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