• Polyester warp knitted polyester geogrid
  • Polyester warp knitted polyester geogrid

Polyester Warp Knitted Polyester Geogrid

Polyester warp-knitted polyester geogrid is a geogrid made of high-strength fiber or polyester industrial filament, warp-knitted and oriented to form a mesh fabric, and then coated with PVC. Also known as polyester geogrid or warp knitted geogrid.


Product Features

1. High tensile strength
2. Small elongation
3. Erosion resistance and aging resistance
4. Strong occlusal force with the base material
5. Lightweight and drainage

Scope of application

1. Reinforcement of soft soil subgrades for roads, railways, municipal roads, and other roads can effectively improve the strength of the subgrade and delay the reflection cracks of the road.
2. Reinforcement and isolation of dams and river channels in water conservancy projects, strengthen soft soil foundations, enhance their protection capabilities, and improve the bearing capacity and stability of foundations.
3. It is used for embankment slope reinforcement and retaining wall reinforcement to enhance the overall strength.