• PVC capillary drainage board
  • PVC capillary drainage board

PVC Capillary Drainage Board

PVC capillary drainage board The railway drainage board is made of PVC high-density polymer material, which has good toughness and can be buried in the soil to bind the soil; when buried, the groove faces downward, so that the water flow is sucked back into the capillary aqueduct from bottom to top; in this way, soil particles will not enter the capillary aqueduct with the water flow due to natural sedimentation due to gravity, and will not be generated near the water inlet groove. Sedimentation phenomenon; but the internal groove can not only enter the water but also cause the consequences of water leakage. At this time, the capillary waterproof and drainage board uses the surface tension to make the water seal on the groove without leakage; when the water enters, the capillary phenomenon will Naturally, it will have an effect on the water in the soil until it is filled and discharged outwards by gravity flow; when the water flow reaches the outlet, it will produce a siphon effect due to the drop, which will further affect the interior of the soil, greatly increasing the suction and drainage effect.


Product Features                                         

1. No clogging: directly use the natural gravity phenomenon to produce the effect of soil-water separation;
2. High permeability: the opening rate reaches 20%, and the effective water absorption area is large;
3. High drainage efficiency: using capillary force, siphon force, and high drainage efficiency ;
4. Strong resistance to soil pressure: Arch bridge type structure design, effectively dispersing stress distribution;
5. Free grading: with self-cleaning function, no need for grading filter layer, can be directly covered with soil backfill;
6. Simple construction: reel type The packaging does not occupy the volume, reduces the cost of transportation, storage, management, and work, and does not require joints to improve efficiency;
7. Flexible and flexible: it can closely fit with the terrain, forming an infinitely long, non-flattening highway;
8. Durable Good performance: PVC high-density polymer material, anti-ultraviolet, good durability.

Scope of application

    Golf course underground drainage, hillside drainage, underground irrigation in arid areas, underground drainage in parks, low wetland farming drainage, retaining wall and tunnel engineering drainage, sports ground drainage, railway road subgrade drainage, rainy season underground drainage, horticultural landscape water supply, and drainage. technical standard