• Raised-point geogrid
  • Raised-point geogrid

Raised-point Geogrid

Convex geogrids are divided into steel-plastic convex geogrids and polypropylene tensile belt convex geogrids. These two products are upgraded versions of ordinary geogrids, using multi-station injection-woven geogrids. In the production of grid production line, the convex node geogrid overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary grids, and the node peeling force is greater than or equal to 1000N. Because the nodes are protruding, it is named "convex geogrid".


Product Features

1. Low elongation, high strength, small deformation and small creep; 2. Strong anti-aging and anti-oxidation properties, corrosion resistance and long service life; 3. Convenient and fast construction, easy positioning, laying and lap jointing; 4. Low cost , save the cost of civil engineering.

Scope of application

 Soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement crack resistance engineering of roads, railways, bridge abutments, approach roads, docks, dams, slag yards, etc.