• Soft permeable Geo tube
  • Soft permeable Geo tube

Soft Permeable Geo Tube

The flexible permeable pipe is made of PVC over-plastic steel wire to form a frame structure. It can filter through the whole body in all directions and quickly and effectively remove groundwater. It has high permeability and large drainage. It replaces the traditional PVC perforated pipe. It overcomes many disadvantages of other drainage pipes and uses the "capillary" phenomenon and "siphon" principle to integrate water absorption, water permeability, and drainage, and has the functions of pressure resistance, water permeability, and reverse filtration required by engineering design. It does not break due to changes in geology and geographic temperature and can achieve the effect of discharging clean water without causing secondary pollution to the environment. It is a new type of environmentally friendly product.


Product Features

1) Small pore diameter, all-round water permeability, good permeability;
2) High compressive and tensile strength, long service life;
3) Good corrosion resistance and resistance to microbial erosion;
4) Good overall continuity, few joints, and convenient connection ;
5) Lightweight and convenient construction;
6) Soft texture and good combination with soil.

Scope of application

1. Vertical and horizontal drainage on the back of various retaining walls; 2. Drainage of roads, railway subgrades, road shoulders, and soft soil foundations; 3. Drainage of tunnels and underpasses; 4. Drainage of power ash dams and water conservancy dams; 5. High-speed 6. Drainage of outdoor sports grounds; 7. Horizontal drilling and drainage; 8. Drainage and slope protection for land prone to collapse; 9. Drainage of roof gardens and flower terraces; 10. Water retention on hillsides 11. Underground drainage of land preparation projects; 12. Low-lying land drainage and saline-alkali land reconstruction system.